Inventor of the world’s first 4-way cassette, Hitachi Heating & Cooling, has reinforced its leadership position in air-conditioning technology, with the introduction of the Silent-Iconic Design Panel.

The 4-Way Cassette Indoor Unit, Silent-Iconic is ideal for commercial and residential spaces delivering high-performance air-conditioning combined with award-winning aesthetics.

Silent-Iconic is based on Hitachi’s ‘Duality Design’ philosophy, in Japanese this is called ‘Soku-Hi’ by blending function and form.

Following this philosophy Silent-Iconic was designed to be ‘visually silent’ and blend in with architectural spaces while delivering high-performance cooling and heating needs and being itself iconic.

Silent-Iconic offers unobtrusive design rivalling duct-types with design innovations related to the visible panel, air-inlet & air-flow louvers;

The visible panel features a sleek ‘designer grille’ rather than traditional ‘industrial grille’  integrating into indoor designs.

The central air-inlet is louvered to meld with architectural ceilings, offering a perfect integration with indoors spaces. The four louvers and surrounding area are in black color to reduce visual impact.

Silent-Iconic design panel delivers the same features of the standard model Hitachi Cooling & Heating 4-way cassette. Most importantly, Silent-Iconic has been created so the design panel does not reduce cooling or heating air-conditioning performance, with the most appropriate air-direction & air volume as the standard panel 4-way cassette.

For enhanced comfort to users, the Gentle Cool feature ensures a constant comfortable level of temperature of discharged air, so users are not to be bothered by cold drafts.

For high ceiling design-oriented spaces, Silent-Iconic provides powerful 5.0m air blowdown (on Hi2 mode/cooling mode) and additionally with the in-built auto-elevating grille, regular maintenance of filter cleaning is also at your ease without the need for a tall ladder.

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