The new WallMaster filter system lets metalworking companies optimise their protective welding equipment for employees.

With an area of 42 square metres, the stationary unit has the largest filter surface in the entry-level price segment.

Little effort is required to integrate and mount the unit behind extraction elements such as extraction arms or fans with no need for its own power supply. This makes it also suitable for simple retrofitting.

KEMPER board chair, Björn Kemper, said protecting employees from harmful welding fumes should not fail because of the costs of clean air technology.

"The WallMaster means we are now closing the gap in the entry-level segment between low price barriers, effective filter technology and a space-saving product design,” he said.

The stationary filter unit is suitable for filtering medium quantities of welding fumes and dust at up to two workplaces simultaneously.

With a filter surface of 42 square metres, his is the highest capacity in the entry-level price segment of stationary welding fume extraction on the market to date. Users thus achieve significantly longer filter lives compared to conventional filter units.

The WallMaster effectively separates even ultra-fine particles with a size of less than 0.1 µm to a degree of more than 99.5 per cent.

The filter unit can be mounted on the hall wall, a pillar or on a separately available stand, and its compact housing saves space in production area. The WallMaster is easy to combine with collection devices from various manufacturers – for example, with one or two exhaust sets. It is even possible to retrofit the unit in existing collection devices.

Thanks to the integrated SafeChangeFilter technology, KEMPER enables a contamination-free filter change. In this way, welders do not come into contact with the harmful hazardous substances in the welding fumes – even during disposal.

An integrated lifting device facilitates the filter change. Due to the mechanical operation, the system is energy self-sufficient.






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