Teralba Industries has created the largest Accu-Therm Plate Heat Exchanger ever to be designed and assembled in Australia.

Teralba sales engineer, Greg Haak, said the heat exchanger stands over 3 metres high and 4 metres long.

“This huge Accu-Therm ATS3000 Plate Heat Exchanger handles flow rates of up to 2.1 million litres per hour and has a heat transfer capacity, in excess of 70,000kw,” he said.

“It will be used in a steel manufacturing plant to cool bearings and associated equipment.

“This exchanger proves that whatever size heat transfer application you may have, we can handle it.

“Innovation is fundamental to our business and is at the centre of everything we do.”

For 35 years, Teralba has been manufacturing innovative solutions for the fluid process equipment sector.

“We can produce our own patented designs for industrial mixers,  tube in tube and shell and tube heat exchangers along with Accu-therm plate heat exchangers.”

Haak said Teralba engineers can also create customer-specific solutions through extensive consultation with clients, ensuring equipment is perfectly tailored to meet specifications.

Contact: Teralba Industries.



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