Silent-Iconic has a sleek design and delivers high-performance cooling and heating.

The range is ideal for medium and large commercial buildings and light industrial applications.

It provides a single portal to Kelvion’s comprehensive portfolio of refrigeration solutions.

The Promek Power Pack includes filter and coil sanitisers and cleaning pack in easy to use aerosol cans.

The AWEC series module combines all the parts that are needed for operation on a small din rail mount module.

Building systems still use a wide variety of proprietary solutions that often require separate hardware-based gateways and infrastructures.

The display and interface can be web enabled with remote monitoring and activation with smart phones, tablets, personal handheld devices and computers with access via the web.

Changes in operational profiles can be tracked, actions taken and maintenance prioritised, maximising uptime, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

The easyE4 has a large voltage range (DC, AC and UC) with mixed operation flexibility to suit a wide range of applications and markets – from plumbers in building installations, right through to automation engineers in machine building applications.

For air conditioning installers, this is an opportunity to help educate the public in making more energy efficient purchasing decisions.

The advantages of reducing the gap width to approx. 4.15mm are a significant improvement in heat transfer in the double-digit percentage range and lower energy consumption.

The device is designed to reduce complexity for users and allow all daily routines in smart living – from lighting to HVAC, weather stations and audio – to be easily controlled by one device.

The Power Coil Treatment is an antimicrobial formulation specially designed for use on heat exchange surfaces and metal components of air conditioning systems.

Much like airCloud Home, Hitachi is soon to launch airCloud Pro which will allow for VRF systems to be remotely managed and controlled.

RC-Reporter brings clarity to building performance analytics with readable, reliable, rational reports, delivered automatically by e-mail or integrated directly into your building control system.

Artificial intelligence for fan control allows for optimized system energy efficiency even when no external fan signal is provided.