• GLACIÄR MICRO is available in a version to detect A2L refrigerants.
    GLACIÄR MICRO is available in a version to detect A2L refrigerants.

SAMON has released GLACIÄR MICRO, a small-format refrigerant leak detector specifically designed for integration into OEM equipment.

Typical applications include installation in heat pumps and refrigerated display cases to provide evaporator-level detection.

As the global refrigerant market goes through phase-down of higher-GWP (global warming potential) refrigerants, the use of A2L refrigerants and natural refrigerants in refrigerated appliances and heat pumps is growing ever more important.

GLACIÄR MICRO is available in a version to detect A2L refrigerants including R454A, R454C, and R32, and a version specifically designed for R290 / propane detection.

GLACIÄR MICRO is equipped with infrared sensor technology. Infrared sensors are field proven over many years in refrigerant gas detection applications, are unaffected by false alarms due to cross-gas interference, and have a long life span typically in excess of 10 years.

At the same time, GLACIÄR MICRO does not require maintenance and is equipped with auto-calibration of the zero point, protecting the measurement against offsets from baseline drift over time.

With a small footprint and low profile, measuring only 56x128x27mm and weighing just 75g, GLACIÄR MICRO is designed for easy integration into equipment where space is limited. Communicating digitally using Modbus RTU over RS485, and with very low power consumption under 25mA, the refrigerant gas detector is simple to interface with a range of equipment control systems.

Rated IP65, GLACIÄR MICRO can be installed in harsh environments.

SAMON managing director, Tom Burniston, said the product can integrate easily into heat pumps, refrigerated display cases, ice machines, and other appliances where refrigerant leak detection is a growing requirement.