The BITZER Digital Network (BDN) which provides users with access to valuable digital services relating to compressors is now available to provide a range of key product and application-specific information.

The network is an important contribution to the development of the Internet of things in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.

It provides online monitoring, compressor operating reports and immediate help with troubleshooting. The basis for this is the cloud provided by BITZER as well as the know-how and IQ products of the specialist for refrigeration and air conditioning technology.

Together with targeted data analysis, this combination creates a solution that is new to the market and makes it easier for BITZER partners to set up and expand their own digital service infrastructure. Partners benefit from simple connection to their refrigeration systems, enabling remote access and troubleshooting in real time.

In the BDN, users can observe the components of their refrigeration systems from a bird’s-eye view and prepare detailed analyses, with everything included, from an electronic spare parts database and online documentation to selection software, compressor monitoring and advanced analysis.

The network makes it possible to register all BITZER products and obtain access to relevant technical information, certificates and approvals. The BDN also provides the possibility to upload application-specific documents and to manage and track related service activities.

A cloud connection option is also available for BITZER IQ products, enabling storage and detailed analysis of compressor operation data in an outstanding resolution. The compressor operation report provides users with actionable insights that can be used to improve all aspects of system performance and remote troubleshooting.

If any anomalies are identified, the designated person immediately receives a message. As a result, unnecessary service trips can be avoided and unplanned periods of refrigeration system shut-off reduced or entirely prevented.

The myBITZER portal provides individual users and companies with access to the BDN, where they can register and manage their components or entire systems and sites with just a few clicks on any end device.

BITZER products can also be registered and opened in the BDN via the BITZER SPOT app or any QR code readers. Depending on requirements, multilevel permissions for registered products can be managed by users themselves.

For cloud connections, BITZER provides a fully preconfigured gateway that enables immediate connection and use for partners.

Access to myBITZER:

Access to the BITZER SPOT app:

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