Refrigeration wholesaler, Beijer Ref, has acquired a majority shareholding in Czech air conditioning and heat pump manufacturer, Sinclair.

Beijer Ref has acquired 85% of the shares in Sinclair Global Group with the option to acquire the remaining shares. 

Sinclair is headquartered in Brno, Czech Republic with sales offices in Slovakia, Hungary and Croatia. Sinclair sells domestic and commercial air conditioning and heat pumps to 25 countries. Most of the sales consist of Sinclair’s own brand HVAC products.

The company has a strong presence in Eastern Europe with annual sales topping $A636.35 million (€40m).

Beijer Ref said Sinclair products will continue to be distributed and marketed under its own brand within existing sales channels with plans to launch in Beijer Ref’s other markets.

Commenting on the acquisition, Beijer Ref CEO Per Bertland said Sinclair’s products will be a strong complement to its existing range.

“Sinclair is a company with strong growth potential that adds value to our group and that strengthens our investment in our own brands,” he said.

“It is gratifying that we have been able to complete this acquisition during the current pandemic and we look forward to continuing to develop the company and the brand in several markets in the future.”

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