Güntner has plans to rebrand in coming weeks to meet the upcoming challenges of the modern world.

The Güntner identity will be updated across all markets and will be reflected across everything from product to customer experience and employer branding.

Building on nearly a century of technological and engineering excellence, Güntner has the expertise and experience in the fields of heating, cooling, and energy management to deliver impactful systems to its partners.

In a statement, the company said the bold new identity signals the company’s intent to solve tomorrow’s challenges today and to continue delivering innovation that keeps Güntner and its customers always a solution ahead.

“Together Güntner and its partners are united in the desire to find ways to progress as a society – unified in the search for well-being, for prosperity for future generations and for the protection and preservation of our shared home,” the statement said.

The company’s global CSO, Robert Gerle, said the rebrand marks a significant milestone in Guntner’s journey, providing an opportunity to reflect on everything that the original Güntner brand stood for and everything that the company aspire to become “as we move forward into an exciting future.”

Asia Pacific managing director, Glen Wiles, said the rebranding encapsulates the well-known and respected history of the Guntner Group, whilst refreshing internal beliefs and culture to its partners, both present and future.

“A very exciting time for our company,” he said.

The relaunch is supported by a brand campaign that tells the new Güntner story with powerful case studies from around the planet – from protecting our global genetic heritage in Norway, to providing water-saving solutions in Mexico and supporting the production of vaccines in Indonesia – and a new global web experience designed around the needs of the user.

Guntner has over 4,000 staff in more than 50 countries with six manufacturing sites across Europe, Asia and the Americas.


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