ENGIE Refrigeration is currently redesigning the entire air-cooled QUANTUM series.

The new QUANTUM Air models will be available worldwide from June, 2019.

QUANTUM chillers have been the flagship product for ENGIE Refrigeration GmbH for many years.

By enhancing its air-cooled QUANTUM series, the company said it is aiming to make the successful even better.

ENGIE Refrigeration CEO, Jochen Hornung, said the company is responding to changing customer requirements:

“The requirements for the refrigeration industry have changed in recent years. Our customers are placing increasing value on greater efficiency and performance in their chillers, “ he said.

“We are accommodating these changing conditions by redesigning our air-cooled QUANTUM series.”

On the launch date, ENGIE Refrigeration will offer 28 basic models of the QUANTUM Air.

Hornung said 14 of these models will use the refrigerant R-1234ze, and 14 models use the refrigerants R-134a and R-513A; all of them require lower quantities of refrigerant.

Like its predecessor model, the revised chiller is ideal for use in a variety of industries.

ENGIE Refrigeration has combined the individual machine components in a new way, so that the QUANTUM Air surpasses even the exceedingly high efficiency of the current series.

The chiller is also suitable for applications from 250 kilowatts to two megawatts; with this refrigeration capacity, the QUANTUM Air outperforms not only its predecessor, but also all air-cooled chillers from other manufacturers that are currently on the market.

With its Supersilent package, ENGIE Refrigeration also ensures that the QUANTUM Air is as quiet as a whisper – an essential aspect, especially for noise-sensitive applications in hospitals and office buildings, for example.

ENGIE Refrigeration has also reduced the size and weight of the chiller by means of a special design, so it is easier to transport and install on site.

“This novel design also reduces delivery times and makes the machine easier to service,” Hornung said.

“With our QUANTUM Air, we at ENGIE Refrigeration are living up to our aspiration, which is to offer the highest-quality, most efficient and most durable chillers. This gives us a pioneering role in the refrigeration industry.”

As its next step, ENGIE Refrigeration will overhaul its water-cooled QUANTUM chillers as well; the relevant models will become available on the international market over the course of 2020.

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