Manufacturer of industrial ice machines, ICEMAN Corporation, has evaluated a number of low GWP refrigerants including CO2 to comply with the HFC phase down.

The company, which is headquartered in Japan, has selected Opteon XL10 (R-1234yf) – an ultra-low GWP.

(ICEMAN is confident that Opteon XP40 (R-449A) and Opteon XL10 (R-1234yf) refrigerants for ice machine applications will enable robust and efficient solutions for the industries they serve including fishing ports, fish and seafood processing, ski resorts and cold storage facilities.

Opteon XL10 (R-1234yf) was selected for its thermodynamic properties and safety classification (A2L).

ICEMAN said the company wanted to avoid the higher operating pressures of CO2, and avoid the costs related to maintaining those systems.

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