Embraco has released two new compressors, the ES and the FMS model.

The FMS, for example, which is the smallest one, is a variable speed compressor that stands at just 123 millimetres high.

It reaches 265W of maximum capacity, a result normally delivered by bigger compressors. FMS also holds the special mission of making variable speed technology more accessible worldwide, taking along with it the advantages of energy savings, low noise, stability, reliability, and better food preservation.

Both products work on natural refrigerant R600a, which has no ozone depletion potential and a global warming potential close to zero.

Nidec Global Appliance vice president for home appliances, Ricardo Bristotti, said the ES and FMS represent a new stage in the company’s product portfolio.

“The FMS, brings new design possibilities to residential refrigeration due to its small size,” he said.

The FMS is a variable speed compressor (also known as inverter or VCC) with a wide range of applications in the residential refrigeration market, from small wine or beer coolers to large multi-door refrigerators.

It is a third smaller than its predecessor, the EM3, and has the cooling capacity of 265 W, the same as larger compressors, such as the VEG and VES, which is something unique in this size category.

Delivering 265 W of cooling capacity in such a small physical space required a series of improvements and innovations to make components smaller and lighter, yet highly resistant. The small size allows more free space inside the cabinet and Embraco already has customers planning new designs to take advantage of it.

This product was developed to make variable speed technology more accessible, promoting significant energy savings: up to 40 per cent, in comparison to traditional fixed speed compressors (also known as on-off) at system level.

Variable speed compressors also operate with 15 to 20 per cent lower noise than equivalent fixed speed compressors on steady state condition. The FMS is a global platform that is able to operate and address requirements of different regions worldwide.

The ES is a fixed speed compressor suitable for a wide range of applications, from water coolers to a large variety of residential refrigerators. It is 155 millimetres tall, which is 11 per cent smaller than the EM3, allowing more internal space inside the cabinet with high quality and performance.

The ES and FMS are being manufactured in Brazil and Mexico.


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