Tecumseh is introducing a Series “AL” compressor platform with high efficiency optimized for R-290 refrigerants.

The company is also expanding several existing platforms with new models that are specifically optimized for A2L refrigerants. Tecumseh will unveil these compressors at the upcoming virtual tradeshows Chillventa eSpecial this week.

As an official sponsor of these events, Tecumseh will showcase these new compressor platforms through live webinar presentations along with their recently introduced VTC-High Capacity, the latest variable-speed offering with extended cooling capacity.

The new Series AL Compressor platform is up to 15 per cent better in performance and energy efficiency packed in a very compact body. In a quiet and small housing that is estimated to be roughly five per cent shorter in height compared to competitive products,

Series AL models provide up to 20cc displacements and are designed specifically for L/MBP applications in light commercial refrigeration. The expanded L/MBP operating range allows standardized use across display cases, reach-in coolers and ice machines applications.

Doug Murdock, the CEO of Tecumseh, said it is a game changing platform.

“In Tecumseh’s history, we have produced a number of legendary compressors such as Series AE and AJ. We are excited to introduce another game-changing platform that we believe will set the industry standard for the refrigeration community,” he said.

Series AL, optimized for R-290 (propane) refrigerants, has capacities ranging from 1,240 to 1,800 Btu/h (0.36kW to 0.52kW) at LBP and from 3,730 to 4,990 Btu/h (1 to 1.5kW) at MBP both in EN12900 conditions.

It delivers the same capacity as a larger displacement, single-speed compressor, making more room for merchandise in refrigeration units.

In addition to the new Series AL platform, Tecumseh is one of the first manufacturers in the refrigeration industry to introduce new compressor models optimized for low-GWP A2L refrigerants such as R-455A, R-454C and R-1234yf.

The platforms with those new A2L-ready models are Series AE2, AJ2, FH2 and AG compressors. Earlier this year, Tecumseh Europe released its Silensys Advanced Condensing Unit equipped with some of the A2L-optimized compressors for the European market.

The new A2L-ready compressors can be used in indoor or outdoor condensing units ranging from 1 to 20 kW, making it the perfect solution for cold rooms, display cases, refrigerated cabinets and beverage dispensers in food retails and services.

“It is no secret that Tecumseh has a comprehensive range of compressors in commercial refrigeration,”, said Ernani Nunes, Sr VP of global sales and engineering at Tecumseh.

“We have now further expanded our portfolio to provide highly efficient alternatives that satisfy the European F-gas regulations.”

Compressors optimized with A2L refrigerants give customers great alternatives to mid-sized system requirements that are too small for a typical CO2-based system and too large for a R290-based system.

Using Tecumseh’s A2L offerings, design engineers at refrigeration OEM companies now have more suited choices to approach the refrigerant transitions without compromising system efficiency while meeting low-GWP requirements.

Availability of sample compressors for both Series AL and newly expanded A2L-ready compressor portfolio varies greatly by region. Contact your local Tecumseh sales representatives for sample requests and product inquiries.

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