Internet of Things (IOT) solutions provider to the buildings services industry, SPLASH, has installed its software across a nationwide chain of cool stores in New Zealand.

The SPLASH IOT platform provides the customer with the ability to more easily manage all of its cool stores while the maintenance contractor will be able to remotely view the current and historical status of store operations including temperatures, refrigeration process and operation, chiller doors status and actual movement within the cool stores.

The SPLASH IOT solution will also monitor the incoming electrical supply and how the power is being consumed on each site.

Utilising the SPLASH maintenance tools, the contractor can manage servicing, complete work sheets and ensure information is securely stored within the SPLASH  platform.

As soon as it was installed the SPLASH IOT solution identified an issue with the incoming electrical infrastructure when there was a momentary loss of the incoming blue phase which occurred at the same time the refrigeration compressor was running.

This caused the 3 phase compressor to fault on its motor overload.

Due to the comprehensive SPLASH alerting and diagnosis tools, the refrigeration engineer was able to spend very limited time on-site as the root cause of the fault was already known.

The technician reset the overload, tested and inspected the switchboard and notified the power company with clear information which allowed them to quickly identify the 160A blue phase fuse carrier at the road side plinth had come loose causing it to overheat and fail. These repairs were undertaken quickly and at zero cost to the client.

In addition to providing remote monitoring, control and management of packaged and standalone building services systems such as chillers, roof top packaged units, power monitoring, heat pumps and refrigeration plant the SPLASH IOT system is able to share data with other platforms.

It can work with BACnet gateways to share information with traditional BMS systems or can share specific data with a client’s fleet dashboards via the SPLASH API.

SPLASH isn’t just a comprehensive solution it is cost effective.

The SPLASH 4G hardware is small at only 90mm x 52mm x 20mm, is standalone, quick and easy to install and provides comprehensive remote monitoring and control at cost effective pricing.    


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