• Freddox driers are resistant to shocks and abrasions.
    Freddox driers are resistant to shocks and abrasions.

Introducing Freddox, Beijer Ref’s exclusive house brand.

Already available throughout Beijer Ref distributors, the Freddox range now includes refrigeration components and HVAC accessories to support installers’ everyday project needs.

One of the most recent introductions is the newly released Freddox drier range. Freddox driers offer value for money and reliable performance.

They have a solid core made totally of 3A molecular sieves and special binding agent, so as not to deplete oil additives.

This provides excellent capacity for water absorption while also offering additional deacidifying characteristics.

The manufacturing process undertaken gives a considerable compactness and stoutness to the Freddox driers so that they are resistant to shocks and abrasions.

The shape of the block is designed to offer the maximum possible surface area to the incoming fluid.

The internal cavity is also positioned in such a way as to have a uniform wall thickness. As a result, the fluid encounters a constant strength at all points, flows linearly through the block, and ensures efficient dehydration and minimum charge loss. A high drying capacity minimises the risk of acid formation.

Freddox driers are recommended for use with HFO, HC, HFC and HCFC refrigerants including R32, R290 and R600a and are available now through all Beijer Ref Australia and Kirby stores across Australia.