Angelantoni Test Technologies has developed a new refrigerant gas for extreme temperatures, down to -70°C.

It is the most ecological and innovative on the market, the result of years of research, and will significantly contribute to protecting the ecosystems and biodiversity of the planet. 

It is the gas with the lowest global warming potential (GWP) on the world market, able to reach the extreme temperature of -70°C in total safety, with even better performances than the R23 gas currently in use.

The new R472A gas, thanks to its very low GWP value of only 353, will in fact emit 98 per cent less equivalent tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. 

R472A has already obtained certification from ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers), the world's leading authority on regulations and certifications in the refrigeration sector.

In addition to being the most environmentally friendly gas on the market, R472A is non-flammable and non-toxic, and is easily replaceable in refrigeration systems that currently use R23, whose GWP is 14,800.

While unknown as a refrigerant developer, Angelantoni Test Technologies is a leader in the manufacture of simulated environmental test chambers. It has three production plants in Italy and four foreign sales and service branches.

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