• Jerome Ringo
    Jerome Ringo

Zoetic Global has endorsed the Global Cooling Pledge, which will be revealed at the United Nations Climate Summit COP28 to be held in Dubai, UAE from 30 November to 12 December, 2023.

With the rising threat of global warming leading to excessive air conditioning consumption, the pledge signifies a significant step towards minimizing carbon emissions related to cooling, targeting a reduction of at least 68 per cent by 2050.

Zoetic Global chair & co-founder, Jerome Ringo, said the pledge has a significant role to play in the battle against climate change.

"By urging influential nations like the United StatesChina, and India to commit to decreasing cooling-related emissions, this pledge marks a significant milestone,” Ringo said. “Zoetic refrigerants will play a crucial role in helping countries achieve the pledge's sustainability objectives and we invite countries to sign up to partner with us at COP28 in support of this cause.”

Zoetic Global is actively working with governments and businesses worldwide to help them reach the UN's ambitious climate change goals and plans to announce major partnership deals at COP 28.

Zoetic's advanced refrigerants offer substantial cooling cost reductions, while also providing the opportunity to earn carbon credits through precise energy savings and emissions reduction data gathered by state-of-the-art HVAC system sensors, according to Zoetic Global CEO, Avery Hong.

"Zoetic refrigerants provide an immediate and essential solution for improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions, while hardware solutions may take up to 10-15 years to be widely adopted,” Hong said.

“The carbon benefits achieved through using Zoetic refrigerants can also help offset the cost of investing in more efficient hardware in the future.”