As it’s the oil that does the work in a vacuum pump, a debate has raged for years in this industry as to what is the ideal oil capacity?

The common and logical point has been that the larger the volume the better; the more oil, the more work can be done between changes, and the less wear and tear on the pump due to oil contamination and suspended particulates.

Yellow Jacket has long held this view until a program run by its R&D department discovered that there is a definite point where more oil doesn’t lead to less wear and tear or more efficient and rapid evacuation.

However, too small a volume of oil leads to increased wear and tear, gallery blockages and reduced pump performance. Yellow Jacket subsequently found an optimal volume that will produce ideal pump performance.

Armed with the finding of this research, the Yellow Jacket range of pumps have all had a reduction in oil volume to this optimal volume.

This new range of optimised oil volume pumps have the same part number as before but are recognizable by the new shape, sight glass and shoulder carry strap.

They are now available from all leading wholesalers.

For details contact Yellow Jacket Australian representative Sky Refrigeration on 03 9735 2313 or visit    

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