After three years of operation providing training on low GWP refrigerants, the REAL Alternatives 4 LIFE program has come to end.

Funded by the European Union’s LIFE program, the project was established to create standardised training on the safety and containment of low GWP alternative refrigerants.

It began in June 2017 and was led by eight project partners.

The program developed new training material, introduced a range of practical exercises and assessments with an aim to standardising skills sets and requirements for handling low GWP refrigerants across the globe.

The project implemented many activities including train-the-trainer sessions, study days and workshops across Europe, and promoted the best practice in training in this field whilst equally raising awareness and expanding knowledge at all levels by ensuring a presence at key international events.

These initiatives were bolstered by a high-profile awareness campaign to encouragerecognition of the program among employers, wholesalers, manufacturers, end-users and policymakers – increasing confidence in the application of these new refrigerants.

In addition, the program offered Certification for technicians who had completed REAL Alternatives standard assessments providing a consistent and high standard for training across Europe, and all of this in multiple languages.

In total the program had 200 certified trainers, 500 certified technicians, raining resources available in 17 languages and had more than 5,000 individual learners registered.

There are now 23 national certified organisations now available to provider trainer accreditation.

In line with its international activities, the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) confirmed its role as the leading organisation at the heart of knowledge on refrigeration as the project partner in charge of dissemination.

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