• ZK condensing unit
    ZK condensing unit

CopelandT ZX platform condensing units have been hugely successful in the Australia and New Zealand markets, harnessing customer-friendly electronic features to deliver consistent energy savings for users.

The platform consists of ZX medium temperature, ZXD and ZXLD digital modulated variable capacity medium & low temperature, ZXV and ZXLV variable speed medium & low temperature, and ZXL low-temperature refrigeration models.

All Copeland ZX models are compatible with environmentally sustainable low GWP refrigerants that are rapidly being introduced into local markets.

The ZX condensing unit platform is the ideal choice to meet the market’s demand for efficient, reliable, and cost-effective refrigeration solutions.

When it comes to selecting refrigeration equipment in urban environments, the owners’, and contractors’ menu of needs for reliability, energy efficiency, ease of maintenance, and quiet operation do not always align with regulations, space constraints, and budgets.

Trade-offs and workarounds often come into play.

The common pain points for food retailers or food service providers include: the need for a refrigeration architecture that would deliver unconditional performance to preserve food safety and integrity.

 Second, they also need a system that would not detract from the restaurant or a store’s ambiance with excessive equipment heat and noise. And finally, business owners want to reduce their operating costs.

The ZX platform is designed with three factors in mind: efficiency, reliability, and installation flexibility. Engineered to lower energy bills while improving food quality and safety management, the ZX condensing units checks all the right boxes.

Utilizing Copeland scroll compressor technology, a variable speed fan motor, a large capacity condenser coil, and advanced control algorithms, the energy consumption of ZX condensing units are significantly reduced.

Enhanced Vapor Injection in LT units further improves system performance and efficiency and gives combined DLT protection.

Built-in compressor electronics technology delivers additional system reliability and safeguards against risk to food integrity.

Combined with Emerson’s Site Supervisor facility management technology, the system provides business owners with enhanced refrigeration control and remote monitoring.

In the event of a system fault, the system will alert designated personnel via text, phone, or automated call if any issues arise. If the system does not receive a response to the alert, it will take steps to reset the system to save product and equipment.

The advanced electronic controller protects the compressor and its operation via compressor envelope control, operating condition monitoring, and advanced diagnostics. This provides protection against over-current, over-heating, incorrect phase rotation, over/under voltage, compressor cycling, high-pressure, and low-pressure.

Fault code alerts and fault code retrieval capabilities allow for improved speed and accuracy of system diagnostics. In combination with Site Supervisor, warning messages can even be sent to an operator when there is a liquid flood back, preventing potentially critical damage to the unit.

Specially designed for small-format operations, the ZX platform’s slim profile and lightweight design provide maximum flexibility for installation, even in locations with significant space constraints.

Helping contractors lower installation costs and avoid expensive system design workarounds and/or relocation issues.

Copeland ZX condensing units make it possible for business owners to meet all their refrigeration goals without compromise. 

The product line continues to expand with new sizes with up to 30 HP models planned for release in the near future.

For more information on Copeland ZX condensing units and Emerson’s refrigeration technologies, visit Climate.Emerson.Com/Asia/Refrigeration.

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