Emerson has released new Copeland scroll technology for CO2 refrigeration systems.

Emerson has launched a new solution for CO2 booster systems that enables reduced system complexity and costs while keeping efficiency high in any climate.

There are three ranges of new generation Copeland CO2 scroll compressors for transcritical (medium temperature) and subcritical (low temperature) operations offering fixed and variable speed models.

All compressors are extremely compact, lightweight, and quiet compared to equivalent semi-hermetic compressors commonly used in CO2 refrigeration.

They generate less vibration and pulsation in refrigeration systems, improving reliable and safe system operation. This is particularly advantageous for use in noise-sensitive urban environments.

The new range of CO2 scroll compressors for medium temperature applications with fixed speed (ZTI) covers a capacity range from 8 to19kW.

Equipped with a dedicated brushless permanent magnet (BPM) motor, the variable speed models (ZTW) enable additional flexibility while maintaining high efficiency enlarging capacity from 4 up to 36kW.

The compressors always operate at optimal speed, rendering inefficient on-off operations obsolete. In addition, Emerson offers two compressor ranges for low temperature applications, ranging from 6 to 15kW and covering fixed and variable speed models extending capacity up to 27kW.

One range for subcritical applications operates with a standstill pressure of up to 110 bar, the other works with a standstill pressure up to 45 bar.

The new generation of Copeland CO2 scroll compressors includes a suite of smart electronics, integrated in an efficient and reliable solution for CO2 booster systems that provide CO2 refrigeration from 25 to 100kW MT.

This Copeland CO2 scroll solution allows for applied cost savings up to 14 per cent and seasonal efficiency gains up to eight per cent versus compression technologies commonly used in today’s CO2 booster systems.

Emerson not only developed a new generation of scroll compressors, but also an innovative way to deal with flash gas in its transcritical models.

The new technology is called dynamic vapor injection (DVI). It  injects vapor refrigerant directly from the flash tank (or from an economizer) into the scroll compressor via an injection valve.

This eliminates the need for parallel compression, making CO2 refrigeration systems less complex while delivering higher efficiency.

By removing parallel compression there are less system components, such as parallel compressor, inverter drive or piping, required.

This not only simplifies the system design but also reduces costs for investment, operation or maintenance resulting in a very low total cost of ownership. In addition, the new Copeland CO2 scroll technology can be applied to any climate zone, requiring only one single design for CO2 refrigeration.

Digital features

Featuring an intelligent electronics design with the new Copeland XC Pro system controller that monitors, collects, and analyses a wide range of system data, this integrated solution is also able to offer digitalization to retailers.

This includes remote diagnostics, predictive maintenance, performance analysis and comprehensive data analytics that enable improved system performance.

In addition, the system can be connected to building management systems (BMS) for holistic smart building integration.

CO2 refrigeration

The introduction of Copeland CO2 scroll compressors will start in the European market and will gradually be extended globally over the coming years.

This new portfolio encompasses a total of four refrigeration units for medium temperature applications. Ranging from 15 to 50kW of cooling power, they are perfectly suited for decentralized system architectures in small to medium sized supermarket and convenience shops.

Each unit is designed for efficient and continuous operation even in the warmest climates. It helps ensure reliable operation up to 44°C ambient.

Equipped with Copeland CO2 scroll compressors in tandem application and frequency inverter drives, the units offer a wide range of capacity modulation avoiding frequent on/off cycles.

Pre-configured parameter settings enable time-saving plug & play installation. Engineered with a unique modular design concept for different ways of installation, it is the ideal choice for retailers expanding their shops’ refrigeration capacity where space is limited.

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