Dow has announced new generation low cyclics, low volatile silicone surfactants supporting innovative rigid polyurethane foam formulations which address key energy efficiency and sustainability trends in cold chain appliances.

North American marketing manager for Polyurethane Additives at Dow, Justin Weare, said the products help customers to achieve emerging performance, sustainability, and profitability challenges in the rigid polyurethane foam space.

“We continue to expand our industry-leading portfolio of polyurethane additives, combining unrivaled polyurethane knowledge, technical customer support capabilities, and the strongest silicone chemistry history in the industry,” he said.

VORASURF RF 5374 Additive the formulator’s choice achieving high polyol side solubility, blend stability and clarity, when complex cabinet design requires enhanced flow and good aesthetics in applications demanding high insulation performance, such as cold chain, commercial and domestic refrigeration appliances.

VORASURF RF 5382 Additive brings improved system compatibility to help maximize the insulating performance of pentane-blown rigid foams, helping address challenging energy efficiency criteria in cold chain appliances and installations.

VORASURF RF 5388 Additive helps formulators meet essentially all desired properties of appliance foam systems, with higher pentane solubility, excellent flow and exceptional surface aesthetics to avoid liner defects in domestic or commercial refrigerators and freezers.

VORASURF SF 2937 Additive supports enhanced k-factor in pour-in-place, continuous panel, closed-cell spray polyurethane and polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation foam, suitable for use with a variety of traditional and more sustainable blowing agents (HC, HFO, HFC and water-blown systems).

Rossella Riccio, development scientist for Polyurethane Additives at Dow, will present the specifics of these novel silicone surfactants and showcase their performance attributes in rigid polyurethane foam applications during a dedicated webinar on Wednesday, July 16, 2020.


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