• Danfoss bi flow filter drier.
    Danfoss bi flow filter drier.

Danfoss has inaugurated a new production line in India dedicated to the manufacturing of DMB/DCB bi-flow filter driers, in response to the escalating demand within the market.

The newly designed bi-flow filter driers showcase subtle re-engineering, resulting in heightened system performance:

They boast an elevated maximum working pressure and temperature, reaching 50 bar* and 120°C respectively.

They have 20 per cent more moisture capacity and are fully compatible with main A2L and A3 refrigerants needed in new platforms.

The expansion of production operations in India, coupled with continuous support from the production team in Mexico, enables Danfoss to accomplish global distribution of filter driers in remarkably swift timeframes.

This translates to sustained availability and expedited delivery for customers worldwide.

Danfoss offers an extensive selection of filter driers encompassing both hermetic and exchangeable core variations.

The core's role is to enhance the filter drier's capacity to adsorb moisture and acids, effectively preventing corrosion of the compressor's metallic surfaces, while simultaneously safeguarding against decomposition of oil and refrigerant.