With an eye to improving energy efficieny, pioneering Sydney company Promek has come up with a new coating that does just that.

Thermal-XR is a graphene coating that restores degraded thermal bonds in damaged or corroded air-cooled heat exchangers, thereby improving cooling performance.

An immediate reduction in head pressure and energy usage is evident when coils are treated with Thermal-XR's three step process. Promek Technologies has numerous case studies throughout NSW and QLD demonstrating significant improvements to operational efficiency in air-cooled condensers after a single application. 

"Across the board clients are seeing up to a 28 per cent improvement in heat exchange performance. From fast food outlets to banks, grocery chains, aged care facilities and entertainment venues, Thermal-XR is showing remarkable results. This treatment extends the operating life of air conditioning and refrigeration plants," says Tony Power, Director at Promek Technologies.

"We've seen an 80 per cent reduction in overheating breakdowns after one treatment, the coating's heat transfer properties actually improve as ambient temperature increases. Thermal-XR is also superhydrophobic, expelling water and preventing icing up. Other commercially available anti-corrosion coatings are no match for this new technology, since they are all insulators and do not improve heat exchange.

"Thermal-XR is set to change the way heat exchangers are serviced and managed - instead of replacement we now have a viable remedy to extend the life of the unit."

This revolutionary product is now being distributed worldwide, and is distributed in Australia by Promek Technologies. Negotiations are underway for a national rollout for several Australian companies.

For further information contact Promek Technologies on 1300 782 761 or online at

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