Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party has sponsored a petition calling for restrictions to be lifted on the use of hydrocarbons in refrigeration and air conditioning.

The petition was submitted to the Queensland parliament last week by the Member for Mirani, Stephen Andrews.

The use of hydrocarbons is currently regulated in that state preventing its use in a wide range of applications.

Andrews called for legislative changes allowing hydrocarbon use as Queensland families are currently being “ripped-off” by high energy costs.

He said hydrocarbon use can routinely delivery energy savings in the 27 to 50 per cent range.

The petition points out that hydrocarbons have been used extensively in New South Wales including a shopping centre which is used by thousands of people daily.

“There is no empirical data to justify this heavy-handed approach,” he said. “Hydrocarbons have been used for decades and have an excellent safety record.”

Hydrocarbon use has increased in recent years particularly in Sydney where it is now being used in a KFC store in Sydney’s west, and a Meriton property development in the inner-city.

The global natural refrigerant market is projected to reach $US2.88 billion by 2027, according to Reports and Data Research.


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