Beijer Ref’s Australian manufacturing operation, SCM REF Australia has completed its relocation to a new purpose-built facility at Bankstown, south-west of Sydney.

This investment leaves the organisation well positioned to build on its growing success throughout 2021, particularly in the sustainability sector.

During 2020 under the combined Beijer Ref umbrella, Kirby & Beijer Ref Australia consolidated its local leadership in the important sustainability sector.

This included delivery of over 20 transcritical CO2 systems, over 20 subcritical CO2/low GWP systems and two ammonia systems .

The team has completed its first transcritical CO2 system at the new plant, according to the company’s sales manager, Inderpal Saund.

“Market acceptance for natural refrigerants in Australia continues to grow year on year,” Saund said.

“There is increased confidence from clients in what they will receive and increased confidence in the the skills of technicians during commissioning.

“The breadth of our manufacturing capability lies in the strength of our global supply partnerships and the depth of refrigeration experience within our local sales, engineering and production technicians.”

The core sales team consists of Inderpal Saund, Douglas Herkess and Jason Pearce.

Saund said customers will continue to benefit from their accessibility and local market expertise.

 “As part of the global Beijer Ref and SCM REF group, we have access to world-class components, technology and CO2 systems know-how, giving us the ability to deliver world class natural solutions,” he said.

“Together with head of manufacturing, Paul Campbell the team looks forward to working closer with the SCM Frigo and SCM REF global partners to further strengthen capability and service the growing demand within the food retail and industrial sectors.”

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