Danfoss has compiled an inventory of tools together with a portfolio of products to help ease the transition from R404A to alternative refrigerants.

With a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 3992, R404A is among the most popular refrigerants covered by the January 2020 F-Gas ban in Europe and phase down in the frame of the Montreal Protocol.

The solutions announced by Danfoss include components for use with R404A nonflammable alternatives like R448A, R449A, R452A, R513A, and R134a – along with free digital tools to help HVACR professionals make the best possible choice.

Danfoss Cooling marketing director for refrigeration, Thierry Raoul, said the transition process is well underway.

“From the beginning of next year, R404A can no longer be used in any new refrigeration or cooling equipment in Europe. Only recycled refrigerant can be used for servicing, and the phaseout quotas have seen prices fluctuate significantly,” Raoul said.

“But we’re well aware of the scale of the challenge. That’s why we invest thousands of hours in qualification processes and product upgrades to ensure high quality and reliability in the field. And reliability is what shop owners will remember at the end.”

Raoul said Danfoss has the broadest possible toolkit of components and advice to aid the transition.

“In fact, our Coolselector 2 tool has been designed to help you select the best components for your low-GWP refrigerants – including the relevant log(p)-h diagrams or pipe sizing. Put simply, we’re ready when you are,” he said.

Danfoss is helping the move to lower-GWP refrigerants in several ways:

Qualified components – including EVR v2 solenoid valves; TU, T2, TD1, TE 5-55 thermostatic expansion valves, filter driers DML, GBC ball valves, NRV check valves and SGP sight glasses, MLZ and LLZ scroll, VLZ inverter scroll and MTZ and NTZ reciprocating compressors, and Optyma indoor and outdoor condensing units.

Multi-refrigerant capability – with several possible replacements for R404A, having one component qualified for several refrigerants keeps your options open, and your inventory lean.

Free digital tools and apps such as the Coolselector 2, refrigerant Slider and low-GWP. Meanwhile, infographics make it easy to see the impact on system and component performance.

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