• US Congress passed the AIM Act in 2020
    US Congress passed the AIM Act in 2020

The United States officially began its HFC phase down on 1 January, 2022.

The phase down has been legislated under the American Innovation and Manufacturing (AIM) Act.

As part of the phase down the production of HFC refrigerants including R-410A and R-404A has been reduced by 10 per cent.

The phase down really begins in 2024 when HFC production is reduced to 60 per cent of the baseline.

Congress passed the AIM Act in December 2020 to phase down HFCs to 15 per cent of their baseline levels by 2036.

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) is still finalizing its rulings but has proposed a 750 GWP limit for new air conditioning equipment from 2025 and a 2026 deadline for VRF system manufacturers.

The EPA has two years to provide a clear regulatory framework for the phase down and to help industry transition to low GWP alternatives.

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