• Young welder on the job.
    Young welder on the job.

Weld Australia has launched two free online welder safety training courses – one for welders, and the second for welding engineers and supervisors.

Weld Australia CEO, Geoff Crittenden, said the goal is to improve safety awareness, knowledge and outcomes right throughout Australia’s welding industry.

He said the courses cover a broad range of subject material across welding processes.

“They provide details of hazards that may be encountered and how to manage them in the workplace,” he said.

For example, the hierarchy of controls is discussed, with a particular focus on engineering controls and the correct use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

“The courses also reinforce procedures that should be used, such as correct set up and use of equipment and the correct handling of gas cylinders and welding machines,” he said.

Assessment and certification for course participants is also available.

“The courses can be used by companies to enhance their staff induction program to ensure all employees start with a solid foundation in safety practices. Or, the courses can be used as part of ongoing training to keep employees up-to-date with the latest safety techniques,” Crittenden said.

“Regular refreshers help maintain safety awareness, reducing risk of accidents, leading to lower workers’ compensation claims and insurance costs.”

The courses can be accessed via: https://weldtraining.online.