Frasers Property Industrial, has installed a 1.5MW rooftop solar plant at its newly-built Horsley Park Estate, west of Sydney.

Solar engineering company Smart Commercial Solar completed the project at the 10ha commercial property in just 12 weeks.

The solution was split into three 500 kW subsystems to meet the sites metering and electrical infrastructure and is comprised of 12 FIMER PVS-100 three-phase string inverters which were installed and commissioned on a custom-built inverter station.

Smart Commercial Solar also utilised a helicopter to air-lift over 3,700 405W Trina solar panels onto the rooftop of the building where they were installed and commissioned.  

Smart Commercial Solar managing director, Huon Hoogesteger, said FIMER inverter technology was his technology of choice for this project.

“The FIMER PVS-100 fits perfectly for the MV (medium voltage) system size of this project. It is easy to install and fits within the inverter station that was specially designed and engineered by our team,” he said. 

FIMER’s PVS-100 inverter technology offers high power density dual-stage topology, which reduces the number of inverters required for a project, as the inverter can generate stronger energy production.

This results in faster installation times, lower installation costs and reduced maintenance costs in the long term. Thanks to FIMER’s Aurora Vision Plant Management Platform, the entire system can be monitored and managed remotely. 

Frasers Property has set a net zero target by 2030 and is working to achieve 5 Stars on the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) by FY24.

The 1.5 MW rooftop solar system  will produce more than two gigawatts of energy annually which equates to an emission reduction of over 1500 metric tonnes of CO2 per year.




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