PW Power Systems has officially changed its name to Mitsubishi Power Aero.

Adopting the Mitsubishi Power brand is part of a larger effort to apply synergies that will benefit aero-derivative gas turbine customers.

The strength of the aero-derivative product and services portfolio will be enhanced by further leveraging the resources and technologies of Mitsubishi Power Aero’s parent company, according to Mitsubishi Power Aero president and CEO, Raul Pereda.

 “We are utilizing Mitsubishi Power supply chain assets around the world to support new equipment manufacturing as well as aftermarket services,” he said.

“Our Engineering teams are collaborating to make our gas turbines more competitive, including applications with hydrogen fuel, remote monitoring, and TOMONITM artificial intelligence. The financial resources of the broader group also allow us to offer more flexible commercial solutions to our customers.

“We are eager to collaborate with our customers to deliver power when the world needs it most.”

As electrification expands and the demand for reliable energy grows globally, the role of aero-derivative on demand power has become even more critical.

The socioeconomic cost of power shortages is significant and rising, and power system complexity is increasing due to factors such as rapid expansion of renewables, extreme weather events, electrification of transportation, energy storage, and alternative fuels, including hydrogen. T

Mitsubishi Power Americas president and CEO, Paul Browning, said the flexible power generation solutions provided by Mitsubishi Power are essential to helping customers balance their diverse energy requirements.

Browning said on-demand power is a key component in how Mitsubishi Power brings total solutions to customers.

He said the FT8 MOBILEPAC unit offers fast, turnkey power on short notice, and the FT4000 SWIFTPAC gas turbine provides super-flexible power to customers who want to increase their use of intermittent renewable power, such as wind and solar.

“As the pace of decarbonization of energy increases across the globe, aero-derivative power is crucial to ensuring resource adequacy,” Browning said.

“We’re excited about integrating our supply chain, manufacturing, engineering, marketing, sales, service, and financial capabilities with the strong products, services, and turnkey project capabilities of Mitsubishi Power Aero. Together, we will work with our customers to create a Change in Power.”


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