For more than a decade, research firm the Expert Group, has been delivering the cold hard facts when it comes to providing a statistical framework for Australia’s HVACR industry.

Once again researchers Michael McCann and Peter Brodribb will present an update on the HVACR industry’s statistical climate at ARBS 2021.

The seminar session will review the annual updates with a focus on changes to the bank of refrigerants in Australia.

This review is expected to provide the annual rates of change in adoption of new technology and new refrigerants, data and trends that will enable improved forecasting of demand for HFCs against Australian commitments to phase down HFCs under the terms of the Montreal Protocol.

As the market introduces and employs increasing non-HFC refrigerants that are not required to be reported at the point of importation, capturing data on imports of pre-charged equipment and on consumption of bulk gas, will require active industry participation.

The Department of the Environment and Energy has employed The Expert Group to produce the report. And given Cold Hard Facts is widely recognised as the most comprehensive inventory available of the Australian HVACR sector, this will be a session not to miss.

Australians spent around $9.3 billion installing refrigeration and air conditioning equipment in 2018 compared to $8.2 billion in 2016, according to Cold Hard Facts 2019.

The Expert Group has updated Cold Hard Facts 2019 with data collected during 2017 and 2018. It is the fourth edition of the Cold Hard Facts series which began in 2006.

The Expert Group found that RAC services in all its forms were delivered by over 56 million individual pieces of equipment in Australia during 2018, compared to 54 million in 2016.

The bank of high GWP refrigerants in Australia increased by five per cent from 2016 to 2018, from around 50,800 tonnes in 2016 to an estimated 53,300 tonnes in 2018.


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