Ozkem Pty Ltd a major Australian manufacturer of coil protection coatings has developed a thermally conductive coating that rebuilds lost cooling performance of air-cooled HVAC&R systems

Don’t Replace Air-cooled HVAC units due to corrosion and failing cooling performance.

The Thermal-XR process will increase EER by 14% and extend life of degraded units by five to 10 years.

This is not magic this is Thermal-XR a revolutionary coil coating distributed by Promek Technologies in Australia.

Over five years of Australian and international University research and development has resulted in a thermally conductive coating for condenser coils.

This means the proprietary water-based coating re-connects the lost thermal bond when condensers corrode over time. This reconnection improves heat exchange and increases conductive surface area of fins.

Thermal XR is generally coated on site using trained applicators.

The results are impressive,  including a reduction in condensing temperature from 62C down to 48c on a chiller in Queensland. That machine would just cut out in high ambient, according to Tony Power, technical director of Promek.

“After the coating this unit continued to run even on hotter days, not magic just science,” he said.

“It is hard to get your head around this nano science but it is real and is truly a disruptive technology in HVAC.

“Smart things happen in Australia.”

Power said energy savings by just coating a coil on site will be in the order of 8% - 16% plus.

“As roughly 10% of the planet’s energy goes to air-conditioning using Thermal XR will make a difference and distributors in multiple countries are now active.”




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