This ARBS session on the efficiency of air movement systems will show how fan upgrades can improve energy efficiency.

European markets such as the Nordic region and Germany have pioneered the use of higher efficiency air movement systems and driven down the usage of electricity in housing and building stock.

However, HVAC continues to use the most energy in commercial buildings and this is the area where energy reductions benefit the bottom line the most.

This seminar will outline the new technologies and improvements that have been made on the European stage and shares tips and lessons learnt to enable Australasian designers to improve their systems.

Examples will be provided of building upgrades on a typical high-rise in Melbourne.

It will also explore the options for fan upgrades in commercial buildings as stand alone or in combination with upgrades of other HVAC systems such as chillers, cooling towers, VAV systems and controls. 

The session will be presented by Susanne Lohmann & Thomas Heine, ebm-papst.

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