The Daikin rooftop packaged units combine the economy and simplicity of split system technology with the flexibility of ducted air distribution.

Developed specifically to suit commercial applications they are designed for flexible and easy installation.

The  Daikin’s rooftop package unit (150 - 300 Class models ) now feature an optional eEconomiser kit Kit that can be seamlessly integrated onto the system.

Designed to simplify your on-site ductwork modifications to suit economy cycle operations, our Economiser Kit comprises of four main components;.A a pre-assembled 50mm insulated Return Air Box with opposed blade dampers including 24V Belimo actuators, Outdoor Air panel with hinged door, dampers and 24V Belimo actuators, a weather hood and an Electrical Box.

The electrical box includes a terminal block, DIN rail and mounting for the Daikin supplied rooftop controller. Access to both the electrical box and filters are via the hinged door for convenient servicing.

Additionally, a third-party PLC controller can be incorporatedd to enable operations of the economy cycle for improved indoor air quality and energy savings when conditions are right.

The Economiser Kit is only applicable when the rooftop unit operates in a side discharge configuration.

The economiser kit features a return air box and an outside air panel with hinged door, both with dampers and 24V actuators for improved air quality. Components that are pre-assembled for simplified installation include opposed blade damper that connects to return air flange with 50mm insulation and a blade damper that connects to the service panel opening with 10mm insulation.

Filters and electrical box can be conveniently accessed via the hinged door for easy servicing. A PLC controller (additional accessory) can be paired with the kit to allow for economy cycle and CO2 control of the system for better efficiency and indoor air quality. The kit is only applicable in side discharge configuration.

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