Australia’s leading commercial air conditioning supplier, Klima Australia, has an extensive product range to suit every application.

Klima Australia is the local distributor of Midea Commercial Air Conditioning, the world’s largest HVAC equipment provider, as well as leading European manufacturer, Clivet Spa and Boreas Air Handling Systems.

This represents an extensive range of products including water cooled AHRI & Eurovent certified chillers. These range from Centrifugal Direct Drive to Screw Chillers for all large commercial and industrial applications.

All chillers are available with VFD control and come with the Midea patented Full Falling Film technology as standard. Chillers are also available with R1234ze refrigerant.

Falling Film technology offers superior performance and a non-flooded evaporator. This leads to as much as a 40% reduction in refrigerant charge and a 15% improvement in oil return efficiency over traditional chillers.

Midea chillers offer warranty unrivalled in Australia. All Midea chillers have a standard 24 month warranty and for compressors a 30 month warranty applies from delivery to commissioning prior to commencing the warranty period.

Klima Australia can provide its customers with the largest range of DX and Roof Top packaged systems available globally. Our range in capacities allows us to explore all your HVAC needs and to deliver both a technical and energy efficient solution.

Moreover, Klima boasts the largest range of Heat Recovery and Full Fresh Air package units available globally.  We can provide unrivalled ERP performance using our Thermodynamic Heat Recovery technology. Finally, our VRF systems provide superior energy efficiency and a solution to space constraints on installation.

Finally, our air handling systems range from modular systems with Rotary Heat Wheels, heating coils with steam and heating water and energy recovery AHU’s for more complex applications. Of course this is all in addition to our DX split systems, fan coil units, control systems and data centre cooling solutions.

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