An interesting ARBS presentation planned for contractors next year is entitled “Infrastructure without tears: How to transition from commercial to industrial contracts without losing your shirt.”

The seminar will be a unique presentation for ambitious HVACR companies and commercial building services contractors to learn both the theory and the practice of transitioning from commercial to industrial infrastructure projects.

With increased quality assurance, monitoring and evaluation, as well as complex risk management, HVACR companies and commercial building services providers are looking for guidance when considering upcoming industrial infrastructure opportunities.

This seminar will seek to provide these answers as presenters will share case studies from the complex infrastructure world – the good, the bad, and why these projects can turn sour.

Topics to be covered include the differences between commercial and infrastructure contracts whilst exploring the patchwork of contracts, legislation and relationships that mechanical, refrigeration and commercial building services contractors need to navigate to find long-term success.

There are two presenters for this session including Melissa Kirby, a lawyer and the founder of Sharpe & Abel, a Melbourne-based law and strategy firm.

The second speaker is Murray Walls, project director, Melbourne Metro Rail Project and Sustainable Urban Precincts Program at RMIT University.

As a result of the current economic climate infrastructure projects have never been more important. Federal and State governments have fast-tracked infrastructure projects to stimulate the economy.

For example, the South Australian Government has introduced a $1 billion economic stimulus package to support local jobs and businesses.

The package includes fast-tracking $120 million of new infrastructure projects.

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