Danfoss’s sustainable refrigeration, monitoring, and management solutions make food preservation, compliance, and safety easier.

For a green and natural refrigerant option, choose Danfoss for world-leading, reliable, energy-efficient refrigeration components and solutions.

Our range of high-pressure GBC ball valves has been extended to include the new GBCT, designed for 140 bar MWP. The GBCT fulfills the high temperature and pressure requirements for the discharge lines in transcritical CO2 systems.

It was developed specifically for intrinsic standstill security in CO2 systems and covers a wide selection range up to 2 1/8 in. Along with the 90-bar GBC, the 140-bar GBCT completes our ball valve portfolio for C02, giving you the perfect match whether servicing the low-pressure or the high-pressure side of a system.

The AK-CC55 helps deliver energy savings of 6-10% compared to the next best alternative. It relies on advanced Danfoss adaptive superheat algorithms to control refrigerated display cases and cold rooms.

Users can, via a Bluetooth connection, communicate with the controller using the new AK-CC55 Connect smartphone app.

The next-generation AKVP electronic expansion valve (EEV) combines the existing AKV and AKVH series into a single solution, covering bo­th HFCs and CO2. This reduces complexity and delivers several improvements, such as: improved performance with increased capacity, reliable compressor protection with fail-safe valve closure in case of power cuts, optimized refrigerant distribution, and quiet operation with soft pulse technology.

The Danfoss Optyma iCO2 is coming soon. It is a new range of outdoor condensing units for medium-temperature applications, is a perfect solution for smaller stores.

The units are plug-and-play, stackable for easy commissioning, and have a reduced footprint.

25 years of passion for expansion

2020 marks an important milestone for Danfoss thermostatic expansion valves with the 25th birthday of the TU. With over 15 million units sold since 1995, the TU has proven its superior reliability and is unmatched in critical applications requiring precision cooling, including ice cube and ice cream machines and refrigerated transport units.

Its stainless-steel body and cap tube guard against corrosion and vibrations. The TU valves are now qualified for new refrigerants with lower GWP, including mildly flammable A2L and A3 flammable refrigerants.



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