In this video global humidity control specialist, Condair, presents its new product lines including the new US Series ultrasonic humidifiers which have been designed for ease of installation, simplicity of operation, reliability, hygiene, energy efficiency and accuracy. 

Cool mist is distributed directly into the space using a quiet and efficient blower pack. Unlike steam humidifiers, no water is boiled, hence ultrasonic technologies offer some of the lowest energy humidification on the market, decreasing direct energy costs by up to 90%.

Additionally, the mist cools the air slightly as it evaporates, thus generating more potential savings. With a quick and easy installation, the Condair US Series is available in four different capacities: Medium housing 3 kg/hr, 6 kg/hr, 9 kg/hr, and Large housing 18 kg/hr. The US Series is ideally suited for many applications, such as data centres, server rooms & research laboratories.

Condair now offers a range of dehumidifiers in Australia which includes desiccant models, condensing wall and ceiling-mounted systems with temperature and humidity control, and indoor swimming pool units.

The new Condair DA desiccant dehumidifier range includes capacities from 0.6 to 182 litres per hour (@20°C/60%RH) from its standard models with customised units being able to meet any larger drying requirement.

Features include the ability to operate down to -30°C dew point and consistently maintain an air humidity as low 1%RH. Units can incorporate on-board touch screen controllers with BMS connectivity, and AC or EC fans prior to the desiccant rotor (blow through) with the regeneration airflow path.  This avoids contact between the fan and the hot humid exhaust air which prolongs the life of the fan.

Condair’s new DC condensing dehumidifier range is available in capacities form 50 to 1000 L/Day (@30°C/80%RH). Included in the range are floor mount units and attractive in-room units with a sleek, minimalistic design. 

Alternatively rear wall-mountedunits can be remotely located in a room adjacent to the area being dehumidified. New ceiling-mounted models enable installers to either integrate the unit in a suspended ceiling system or simply fix it overhead to avoid taking up floor space.

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