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    Testo 160

There is some buzz about the correlation between CO2 levels and aerosols and their impact on the spread of viruses. Science is working diligently through studies and tests to highlight this relationship.

Testo recognises that CO₂ has a direct influence on how comfortable people feel in their workspace (e.g., office, assembly, apartments or school rooms) and also on the effectiveness of the ventilation system.

It is known that a rapid increase of CO₂ concentration of indoor air is the typical consequence of the presence of many persons in relatively small spaces with a low air exchange rate.

An indoor climate is perceived to be comfortable when the temperature is between 20°C and 23°C and the air humidity between 30 per cent and 70% RH.

Numerous European countries (e.g., Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway) have published guidelines and recommendations for the ventilation of buildings, living rooms, schools, offices, children’s day centres, workplaces, which include stipulations for the limitation of CO₂ concentrations in indoor air from which here in Australia we can learn from.

Read more in our Whitepaper on CO2 monitoring and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) [link: Download whitepaper CO2 and indoor air quality | Testo SE | Testo Australia).

There are quality CO₂ measuring instruments or data loggers that are indispensable for early identification of increased CO2 content, in order to ensure good indoor air quality.

Testo offers the appropriate measuring technology that is easy to install, easy to operate and extremely accurate to measure the above parameters. In addition to CO₂, it also measures temperature and humidity without any interruption. Hence, it is suitable to use in rooms where a lot of people gather.

Its measurement values are transmitted by WiFi to the Cloud, allowing alarm notifications of limit value violations by e-mail or SMS. The easily visible air quality traffic light also ensures that the responsible people see the indoor air quality status at one glance.

Testo recommends the data logger - testo 160 IAQ – as an ideal measuring technology for monitoring indoor air quality. Search ‘IAQ’ on the testo.com.au website for a suitable technology in your operation to keep staff, clients, visitors, children and students comfortable.

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