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    Purafil filters

Strategies for maximizing safety through the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing reopening of schools, restaurants, and other public spaces continue to evolve worldwide.

Airborne transmission of the virus has been commonly identified as the primary route of transmission – so as a result, implementing new technologies to address this new challenge towards indoor air quality (IAQ) is a top priority as Australia navigates the “new normal”.

Purafil’s PuraWard air filter serves as an ideal solution for the safe and effective removal of airborne microbial contaminants.

Available in various sizes and particulate filtration grades, PuraWard filters are comprised of specialized polymer fibres engineered with a US EPA-registered antimicrobial agent. The additive supplies silver and copper ions which synergistically inactivate microorganisms through disruption of cellular respiration, inhibition of intercellular transport, structural degradation of viral protein coats, and other pathways.

Unlike filtration materials that are sprayed or otherwise treated with similar additives, the antimicrobial ion carriers are embedded into PuraWard fibres (pictured).

This prevents potential leaching of the chemical agents into airstreams, ensuring safe and clean eluting airstreams where filters are used.

Alternative air cleaning systems relying on ionization, photocatalysis, and other electronic technologies also advertising antimicrobial claims. However, studies around these technologies have found these systems portray variable efficacies in end use.

These systems pose the risk of generating potentially harmful contaminants such as ozone and formaldehyde – which can create even more serious health complications for inhabitants of treated spaces. Because PuraWard leverages well-established and non-hazardous filtration technology, there is no risk of eluting harmful by-products. 

In contrast to many other air cleaning device manufacturers, Purafil offers third-party efficacy microbial removal data upon request to end-users – backing up material claims on removing potentially harmful biological contaminants.

PuraWard filter media is available either in pleated form for use in ‘Vee-Form’ filters or can be provided in a Pocket filter configuration. This means that existing sites can be easily upgraded to PuraWard media with no new holding frames or additional work required.

In the case of Vee-Form filter simply exchange your existing filters for the improved safety and protection of PuraWard. For Pocket filters, Puraward can be offered in an En:779 F8 efficiency and in industry standard sizes. This allows customers to add this advanced level of protection to their site immediately by replacing their filters.

To learn more about the PuraWard technology and other ways to improve indoor air quality, please reach out to Windsor Filtration Australia; the official Purafil distributor in Australia & New Zealand.

Email: aust.sales@windsorgroup.com.au or visit https://www.windsorengineering.co.nz/air/filtration-australia/



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