• An Austin Air purifier.
    An Austin Air purifier.

US manufacturer of clinically tested HEPA air purification technology, Austin Air Systems has launched its innovative air quality monitoring tool, which can be found at www.USAirQuality.com.

The interactive map allows people to track major air quality incidents, monitor effects over time and make informed choices about their health.

The interactive map pinpoints new and recent air quality issues across the United States. When a user clicks on a specific pin location, they will learn more about the incident, the chemicals released into the air, the potential impact on communities near and far, and the options available to protect against poor air quality.

Austin Air Systems president, Lauren McMillan, said clean air is fundamental in today's world where extreme events like wildfires and chemical spills are becoming more common, resulting in unhealthy conditions that can spread to communities hundreds of miles away.

“These crises affect public health and quality of life,” she said.

“We are committed to educating as many people as possible about the impact of poor air quality and the ways we can improve conditions to ensure indoor areas are truly safe spaces.

“This new tool on USAirQuality.com will allow people to stay up to date and informed."