• Fresh Large EVO from Clivet.
    Fresh Large EVO from Clivet.

Clivet has made a series of big product announcements including the launch of the new Fresh Large EVO.

This packaged and completely autonomous series renews and purifies the air, and, through the full inverter thermodynamic circuit, recovers the exhaust air energy and efficiently transfers it to renewal air.

The Full inverter technology refers not only to refrigerant circuit, but also to fans; maintaining constant airflow.

With this new solution ventilation load is satisfied all year long. In addition, it contributes to internal load satisfaction even under challenging conditions.

With three sizes, Fresh Large EVO (CiSDN-Y EF 1 S) is available for airflow from 300 a 2.500 m3/h and represents the ideal solution for both commercial, applied and large surface residential applications for existing and new buildings.

In addition, carbon footprint has been reduced by more than 90 per cent thanks to the adoption of ecological low GWP R32 refrigerant.

Just last month Clivet released THUNDER (WiSAN-P), a new air cooled reversible heat pump for outdoor installation with R290 refrigeration.

Suitable for high water temperature production, the inverter scroll compressors are specifically designed for R290 use.

The WiSAN-P range from 35 to 73 kW, is the ideal solution to meet different applications, from new installation to refurbishment, thanks to the full inverter technology, wide operating envelope and modular installation.

It's available in a single energy version, with outstanding seasonal efficiency levels both in low and medium temperature heating applications (SCOP W35 up to 4,7 and SCOP W55 up to 3,6).