CTA Creative Architects recently designed a two-storey house with breathing walls.

Dubbed the wall house, it is made of eight blocks which all connect to a protective layer of hollow bricks and lush greenery.

The design was based recently published research claiming indoor air quality is more polluted than outside air.

The house is in the Vietnamese city of bien hoa.

The breathing walls consist of two main elements. There is an open wall system as the first layer to prevent pollution entering the outside environment.

This protection shell is made of hollow bricks as they allow fresh air to circulate and natural light into the house.

The second layer is the garden space which prevents the negative impact of the external environment into the living space.

An abundance of greenery helps to clean the air and creates an effective buffer zone. Together, these two protective layers are equivalent to a standard wall, but the important difference being they ensure the circulation of air and light, resulting in a healthier living space.

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