GHD Digital, part of global professional services company, GHD, and Mindtree Limited, a global information technology consulting firm, have come together to transform how clients in the property and buildings sector view and manage their assets.

The partnership combines GHD Digital’s knowledge of building design and operation, with Mindtree’s extensive track record in cloud based, loT platforms and analytics, to deliver efficiencies for clients and communities and create previously untapped revenue opportunities through the collection of data.

This will be achieved using a platform-based service to bring together data that may already exist in disparate building management systems, such as energy use, maintenance and occupancy, and leveraging the latest advances in technology to support strategic decision making for owners.

GHD’s Global Digital Leader, Kumar Parakala, said for many organisations there is a lack of integration between building management, IT and financial systems, making it difficult to correlate data and develop an end-to-end view of their assets, especially for clients that operate many buildings with different proprietary systems.

He said most building systems work in silos. GHD and Mindtree will break down these silos by integrating disparate data streams into a single ‘Connected Buildings’ management system.

“Insights powered by data are the new currency that enables businesses to establish new benchmarks in performance,” Parakala added.

Chief Strategy Officer and Head of APAC for Mindtree, Gaurav Johri, said applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to aggregated data creates vast opportunities for the property industry to offer a quantum leap in customer experience and operational efficiency.

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