Holyoake by Price launched new educational resources and tools at an event for Queensland’s HVAC consulting engineers.

Earlier this year Price Industries acquired an interest in Holyoake Air Management Solutions to create Holyoake by Price, a new HVAC powerhouse.

The Price Learning Portal (PLP)offers online, self-guided courses and learning resources for those looking to broaden their HVAC expertise. This platform is accessible 24 hours a day and users can learn at their own pace.

Attendees participated in a 360° virtual tour of the Price Research Centre North whichshowcases the latest in HVAC technologies featured throughout PRCN, where Price systems and solutions are tested and developed.

The portal features engineering webinars, to earn credits. Attendees watched a pre-recorded session from the archives. 

Engineers looking for specific training can click the QR code to register for the PLP.



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