• WhisperComfort 60 Energy Recovery Ventilator
    WhisperComfort 60 Energy Recovery Ventilator

Panasonic North America has launched WhisperComfort 60 Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) which is HVI certified for energy recovery and sound.

The new addition to Panasonic's family of ERVs furthers the company's dedication to providing whole-house ventilation in an energy efficient and cost-effective way.

Suitable for new builds or remodelling projects in single or multi-family homes, the new ERV provides a tempered fresh air supply and balanced exhaust air flow to maintain neutral pressure throughout the home.

The ERV can either be wall or ceiling mounted with a 4" or 5" duct and static pressure ports for airflow verification for ASHRAE 62.2 compliance.

Made with ease of installation and use in mind, the WhisperComfort 60 boasts the following features:

  • Multi-speed selector (20 to 50 CFM) provides customizable airflow with the occupant controllable Boost function available to move fan speed to 60 CFM, when activated.
  • Two powerful DC (Direct Current) Panasonic ECM motors provide quiet and efficient airflow and MERV 13 replaceable filters for superior air filtration.
  • High efficiency capillary core recovers heat and helps maintain desired moisture levels inside the home.
  • Optional WhisperVent Wall Cap allows for supply and exhaust air through one building penetration up to 100 CFM each side.

Panasonic Corporation of North America product manager for the IAQ division, Donald West, said the new WhisperComfort 60 is engineered for total versatility and installation flexibility in any climate zone.

“The new system allows you to simply design and specify your ventilation system requirements, improve indoor air quality, and reduce ventilation costs on new construction or remodelling projects," he said.

"We're extremely excited to introduce this new solution to builders and contractors to make achieving higher indoor air quality easier and more accessible for their customers."