Humidity control specialist, Condair, is presenting a webinar approved by the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) entitled Using humidifiers for evaporative cooling in Air Handling Units (AHUs).

The 45-minute webinar on 27 July, 2021, will be led by Condair Australia managing director, Ian Eitzen.

Attendees will learn the psychrometrics of evaporative cooling, review the three main strategies of AHU evaporative cooling (direct, indirect and exhaust-air indirect), analyse the energy consumption figures for real-life case study projects that employed these strategies, and compare the latest evaporative cooling humidifier technologies.

“A single adiabatic humidifier can provide up to 680kW of evaporative cooling to an AHU from as little as 0.3kW of consumed electrical energy,” Eitzen said.

“Their potential for delivering low energy cooling to an air handling unit is great and we frequently see this application being employed in modern AHU designs.

“This webinar is an invaluable chance for consultants and building designers to explore how humidifiers can be used in AHUs to take advantage of this low energy cooling method,” he said.

“The case studies also provide a clear understanding, beyond the theory and physics, of the actual energy savings that can be enjoyed.”

The presentation has been CIBSE-approved and is therefore independently verified to be unbiased, up to date and technically accurate. This accreditation also means attendees can accrue one hour CIBSE CPD points.

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