• Research aims to improve air quality on public transport
    Research aims to improve air quality on public transport

Real estate technology company, Delos, has undertaken a groundbreaking research project with Monash University in Victoria, to examine the health and wellness benefits of installing air purification systems on buses and other forms of public transport.

The project, which is the first of its kind in Australia, involved setting up a research site at a Clayton depot, with a standalone bus fitted with Delos air purification systems and research-grade monitoring equipment. 

The bus was then exposed to controlled levels of pollutants such as particulates and gasses, in a variety of scenarios designed to determine the efficacy and efficiency of the air purification systems to filter and maintain safe air quality levels.

Delos Australia managing director, Anthony Scarff, said this is one of the most significant research projects to be undertaken in Australia involving air quality in buses.

“We believe the outcome will see air purification systems being installed on all public transport vehicles across the country,” he said.

“Findings from the Monash bus study clearly indicated that multiple air purification units placed in strategic locations within the cabin had a significant impact on the reduction of airborne particles and the improvement of the overall air quality inside the vehicle.

“This demonstrates that air purification systems installed in public transport vehicles, such as buses, trams and trains, can incrementally improve the indoor air quality for passengers and drivers.

“There is solid evidence that air pollution can affect human health for both short and long term.”

Scarff said that when buses, trains and private vehicles are optimised for health, disease transmission can be reduced.

“We have recently completed the rollout of over 5,000 Delos Advanced Air Purification units into New South Wales schools, and we are in discussions with more schools and early learning centres across Melbourne and Sydney, including independent government schools, catholic schools and TAFE institutions to provide air purification solutions for students and faculty,” he said.

The Monash University project brought together a skilled team of investigators with expertise across public health, transportation and indoor wellness to address a serious global issue, namely how to enhance the safety of public sector transport environments.

Professor Yuming Guo, head of the Climate, Air Quality Research (CARE) Unit at Monash University said, people spend two or more hours commuting per day.

“Their exposure to air pollution is a big health risk, so reducing air pollution exposure during commuting is an urgent issue to be solved to protect human health,” he said.

To date, Delos has provided over 250,000 Advanced Air Purification units for classrooms, office buildings, multifamily residential units, hotels and car dealerships in Australia, United States and Canada.

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