• Partnership formalised
    Partnership formalised

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia Pty. Ltd (MHIAA) has formalised a partnership with turnkey HVAC solution provider, the Mass Electronics Group (Mass Electronics) to deliver the local relay model for its latest zoning solution, FlexiZone.

Thanks to the MH-4ZRM relay modules (version 1 and 2) provided by Mass Electronics, FlexiZone can now be easily integrated into MHI’s ducted air conditioning systems and offers the enhanced flexibility of turning individual zones on or off as needed. Interestingly, versions 1 and 2 were developed in just three years.

MHIAA’s service & technical general manager, John Bolger, said MHIAA went in search of a local hardware manufacturer for its 4-zone relay model.

“We required a plug-and-play solution and looked for an innovative, cost-effective, quality solution. This solution was specifically developed with the Australian market in mind,” Bolger said.

Bolger said most of the work took place during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the team still managed to roll it out effectively.

“Throughout the pandemic we have prioritised stock availability, service and communication for customer peace-of-mind,” he said.

With more than three decades experience in HVAC, Bolger put Mass Electronics forward as his service provider of choice.

“I had worked with Mass Electronics in the past and was impressed by their solutions and customer service,” he said.

Mass Electronics is a privately owned, Australian-based electronics design and manufacture group, providing consultancy and new product development services from its facility at Brisbane Technology Park.  The company was founded in 1984.

Mass Electronics managing director, Mike Miranda, said the company was first contacted by MHIAA in 2019.

“MHIAA were seeking a partner to develop an innovative cost-effective and quality product that would facilitate the simple and efficient connection of their multi-zone air conditioning units and locally procured 24VAC dampers, he said.

Features of the MH-4ZRM relay module (V1 & V2) FlexiZone system:

  •          240VAC to 24VAC Transformer is included (V2 only)
  •          Easy installation using existing screws and mounting directly to the indoor unit.
  •          The custom mounting plate provides a neat and clean installation of the relay module and power transformer.
  •          Individual relay and on/ off LED indicator for each zone.
  •          24VAC damper motor connection via RJ12 or 3-way push terminals
  •          Coloured wiring for ease of installation.

Benefits of the MH-4ZRM relay module (V1 & V2) FlexiZone system:

  •          Reliability of a MHIAA approved quality product
  •          The V2 product is a complete, cost-effective solution in a box.
  •          The design provides various mounting plate options and ensures a consistent, clean, and easy installation.

Bolger said the second version is “even simpler to install.” This is because the transformer was included as part of the development request and the mounting plate has elongated holes to accommodate various positions (dependant on the indoor unit model). This allows for increased mounting flexibility. 

The future of this partnership is largely underpinned by its natural evolution.

Visit www.mhiaa.com.au or call 1300 138 007.


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