• Mostra Convegno Expocomfort (MCE) 2024 in Milan.
    Mostra Convegno Expocomfort (MCE) 2024 in Milan.

Midea showcased a range of sustainable products and solutions at Mostra Convegno Expocomfort (MCE) 2024 in Milan.

Midea's Residential Air Conditioner Division (Midea RAC) took centre stage, unveiling an array of products including R290 products, the CirQHP family, and the PortaSplit, each designed to meet a wide range of needs while embodying a commitment to a sustainable future.

Having achieved a remarkable global sales milestone of over 6.2 million units, Midea leads the charge in promoting their advanced R290 products, demonstrating an unwavering dedication to sustainability.

At this exhibition, Midea introduced its R290 Combo product lineup and R290 multi-split research project for the first time. Midea has always been exploring the technical difficulties of the R290 one drive three multi-split system and has made initial progress in the refrigerant leakage sensor.

These introductions mark Midea's commitment to providing reliable and safe products to its customers while also contributing to environmental sustainability efforts.

Furthermore, Midea's focus extends to catering to diverse climates, particularly in the European market. The CirQHP family makes an all-in-one heat pump solution for cooling, heating, and domestic hot water needs a reality.

Engineered for versatility, the innovative system offers a range of customizable options, including the Heat Recovery Solution, Multi-Hybrid Solution, and Indoor-Hybrid Solution. Each option is designed to provide unparalleled flexibility and convenience, ensuring each household enjoys optimal efficiency and supreme comfort.

 By opting for the CirQHP family, individuals are not merely selecting a product; they are embracing an intelligent, energy-efficient solution that ensures their home remains perfectly comfortable throughout the year.

Additionally, Midea showcased the All-In-One Smart Energy Management System MHELIOS, epitomizing the fusion of technology and sustainability.

This intelligent system, featuring a hybrid inverter, is designed to optimize the use of green electricity when integrated with solar panels, energy storage, and smart home appliances. This holistic approach to energy management aligns with Midea's Green Strategy, aiming for a sustainable future.

The spotlight was also on PortaSplit, a product renowned for its creativity, which has recently garnered significant attention in the design and innovation sector.

PortaSplit has attracted widespread attention due to its outstanding product performance and easy installation features.